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A project considering quantum commonsense, through the concept of time.

What time is it?
A simple question, right? Easily answerable by a glance at your watch, phone, or clock. But what if I asked you across the country? In a mountain? For the exact time? The answer becomes more complicated. The more we zoom in on the measurement of time, the harder it is to pin down. The Gregorian calendar is 440 years old and standard time zones are less than 150 years old. These things we blindly accept and live our lives according to are recent inventions. So before you answer what time it is, maybe I should ask you what is time?

A warm cup of coffee to start the... I feel the heat of the cup on my hands. I feel the warmth fill me as I begin to drink. My body temperature rises. I am more alert and energized.

My brain is heating up as I am thinking although I can’t see or feel it

I pick up my pen to begin planning my... The ink from the pen heats up as I write and cools down when I stop, leaving a trace from my hot brain to paper.

I open up my computer, ready to get to work. To improve my workflow, I use hotkeys.

Some keys are hotter than others.

I gotta run.

I put on a comfy pair of sneakers and head out.

It’s 70°F out.

“Every time a difference is manifested between the past and the future, heat is involved.” - The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli