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The things we sense are often glimpses of long processes.
A study of cross-modal expression and cross-sensory objects.

Using metaphor to find what lies between the senses.

“Metaphor: seeing the similar in the dissimilar and forgetting the connections between the two” - Synesthesia by Richard E. Cytowic(28).

I began by journaling my experience of two senses... 

Oct 14 2022 2:22pm

  • car under my feet
  • feet on the ground 
  • heat underarms 
  • phone in hand 
  • hunger 
  • sharpie in hand 
  • lightheaded from sniffing 
  • my hair 
  • itch on forehead
  • Le Labo -matcha 26 
  • Sharpie 
  • rubber 
  • hair conditioner 
  • gasoline 
  • Mcdonald’s air

      • Sensations are momentary glimpses at long processes
      • Aware of other sensory information for safety
      • I’m most aware of new smells and temperature